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Ensuring affordability, profitability and comprehensive cover with the best taxi cover Melbourne!

Welcome to the Melbourne Rideshare Club!

MRC Club is one of the top rideshare communities for taxi business owners in Melbourne and all across Australia. We are also one of the top rated and most trusted providers of the best taxi cover Melbourne.

The MRC Club is more than just a mere taxi share club in Melbourne, Australia. Established years ago by a few members of our community, we have in-depth experience in the taxi industry and best understand the needs of taxi businesses. This is why we are dedicated to provide exceptional coverage plans for your vehicles so that you can gey all-inclusive and comprehensive coverage and operate your taxi business without any worries of unprecedented financial expenses due to accidents.

We provide the most affordable and profitable taxi cover in Melbourne that is tailored for the needs of your business. If you need specialized coverage plans like Silver taxi service cover Melbourne, we also provide those plans. Whether you are a member of our community, a new customer or an existing one, we can assure you 100% customer satisfaction and the most profitable plans with the help of the best taxi cover Melbourne.

We provide appropriate and accurate quotations for all kinds of cover requirements for a variety of taxi business needs. Whether you need coverage for a single car or a fleet of cars, we provide a complete range of the most affordable, and tailored coverage plans that will perfectly serve your needs.

Find the best deals on taxi cover with the MRC club. From taxi replacement, vehicle cover, to taxi breakdown cover, we provide you the best taxi cover Melbourne that provides complete coverage along with the most reliable and impartial taxi cover quotes. We work with and have good terms with several major cover companies that help us get the best deals for you.

Get the best taxi cover Melbourne from the most reliable taxi cover agency in Melbourne, the MRC club. Contact us for any details and additional requirements you need.

Features and Specialties

Comprehensive cover

Get complete and all-inclusive cober with the best plans for taxi and silver taxi service cover Melbourne. From theft liability to accidental coverage, you get it all with our plans.

Individual and fleet cover

Whether it is an individual driver you want coverage for, or for an entire fleet of taxis, find the best plans with the MRC club.

Taxi cover mileage policies

Taxi cover mileage policies are also available along with the best taxi cover Melbourne.

Flexible Payment

We offer flexible and easy payment methods so that you can manage your business finance with increased ease.

New venture discounts

We know how difficult it is to start a taxi business. So we provide special discounts on cover packages for startups and new ventures.

Expert taxi cover team

We have an expert and dedicated taxi cover team who will guide you in the best way and provide you the perfect assistance for all your needs.

How we help your taxi business?

No matter the size of your taxi business, the need for suitable levels of taxi liability covers is paramount. From public liability to third party liability and employers liability, the best taxi cover Melbourne can provide you the perfect coverage.

We strive to provide the most profitable deals for taxi businesses and specialized plans like Silver taxi service cover Melbourne and other cover plans for taxi businesses working under various types of local contracts.

Our expert and dedicated team can help you find the best prices and most competitive premiums along with our repair assistance to get you back on the roads as quickly as possible. Whether it is public hire taxi cover or private hire taxi cover, we find the best coverage plans to best suit your needs.

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Why choose MRC CLUB?

Here's why we are the number one destination for the best taxi cover Melbourne.


Get the most affordable and best taxi cover Melbourne for your taxi business.


We are one of the most trusted cover agencies in Melbourne Australia and a favourite of many taxi business owners.


We comply with all important regulations and legal bindings associated to taxi cover.

Prompt Repair

We have several repair outlets to help you get prompt repair services and get back on the roads without any delays.

Expert Assistance

We have a team of experts to help you make the best choice for taxi coverage.

Low Interest Premiums

Get low and affordable premiums with low intersets rates.


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